About deidentified

Is it possible to disrupt the modern healthcare system, streamline and accelerate research, and create new revenue streams for hospitals and other healthcare institutions using data that’s already available?

yes it is with Is deidentified

AI & big-data rule decision making

Data & AI is the new fuel of industry and healthcare is no exception. The future success of the healthcare industry depends on harnessing the right medical data. But less than 9% of all stakeholders actually participate today. Data not available is wasted, decentralized access deidentified for consumption is why we exist.

deidentified core mission

Our core mission is to ensure that data is used to improve the healthcare system. We go beyond data commercialization, offering a full suite of service to help healthcare systems curate, manage, and organize their medical registries. Through our non-profit Lovebird Foundation, we’re helping rural hospitals maintain their level of care and accelerating research into rare diseases.

We know there’s a better way and that is why we offer full service deidentified patient data for research, science and world change.

We created a user-friendly virtual marketplace to connect buyers and sellers from all sectors of healthcare into a connected environment – or as we like to call it –  deidentified. A decentralized repository for medical registries founded on the principles of transparency and collaboration has the potential to transform the healthcare industry – from the way research is performed to the outcomes of patient care.

If you are either a buyer or seller of de-identified healthcare data please give us a call 972-800-6670